Things to do

Things to do

During your stay in our cabin we also offer you a wonderful restaurant service with delicious dishes prepared with the greatest care. Breakfast is included in the rate, which you can enjoy on the terrace while admiring the vastness of the Caribbean Sea.

From the Cabin you can take different excursions, the most important being the visit to Tayrona National Park, whose main entrance is just 5 minutes away by car.
Other important enclaves are the Quebradas de Valencia or the Kogui de Tayronaka or Minca reserves.


Mountain and Sea: Minca, first town in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, rivers, waterfalls, visit to Taganga and panoramic view of the city of Santa Marta.
Culture and Beach: Quebradas de Valencia, Kogui Reserve, Los Naranjos Beach and Buritaca estuary.
River and Beach: Piedra Donama, Bonda, Playa Grande, Taganga.

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